Calligraphy practice

So, I love lettering right. Slowly I am finding my way around and learning a vast array of techniques to my skill set.

I find calligraphy intriguing, so as soon as I saw this workshop at an Art Gallery not too far from home, I was right onto it!

It covered ‘italic’ calligraphy and really gave me an insight into this letterform. I do hope to learn a modern take on calligraphy in the near future!

I really enjoyed this session and nope, not as easy as it looks!

Here is a couple of peeks at my work from Sunday’s class with Anita George.


DIY Alphabets.. Lesson 2

Well, I have been very busy shaping up my lettering skills  o”) —> Letter Love: Lesson 2 was all about creating alphabets and observing different outcomes with your own pens and styles, with your own handwriting. I find it quite simple to write in a few different ways however not nearly enough to match the total collection.. hmmm. I can say they are getting a decent workout though!! photo

Let the doodling begin!

So, in a nutshell, I have been a “doodler” ALL my life.. on anything and everything! Flowers, shapes, leaves, stars and everything in between. I have always had a passion for lettering and I even found evidence of this through all my school workbooks.. I have really started to enjoy art journalling lately, so naturally I have been interested to develop my skills in this area. I have taken myself to Joanne Sharpe and one of her awesome online classes “Letter Love” I adore her work and if you get a chance, pop onto her blog here:

I will try and share my work here as I go as I would really love to record this process! Hopefully I will see improvements over the duration of the course. There are 29 lessons which target different skills! Geeez!!